SAT & ACT: The Test-Taking Journey & The things i Learned

SAT & ACT: The Test-Taking Journey & The things i Learned

I actually took the SAT three times, the SITTING Subject Assessments two times, as well as the ACT as soon as. I realize it is definitely NOT the norm, but hello, it’s this is my story as well as I’m adhering to it.

Right here are the details connected with my test-taking journey.

The quest to as the best!

When i started preparing for the LAY second semester junior calendar year, which throughout hindsight, is a little bit in the late part according to Testive’s Junior Season Plan. Numerous my friends possessed mentioned these were taking the Until SAT, and i also freaked available since I had not even started off prepping nevertheless.

I got the SAT for the first time on March involving my junior year. It was terrifying. Just one girl obtained kicked released because she didn’t placed her pad down in the event the proctor instructed us to be able to. But I acquired through it. As well the day lots were revealed, I woke up at certain a. d. to check the scores and also although they ended up good, people weren’t excellent. I thought I should do better.

I actually spent the next few months making up and went on the SEATED again around May. You will find, I got the identical score. The super score— the rating you get when combining the best scores right from each test— increased through 40 points, but it should still be the same general score. I actually wasn’t happy!

By the time younger year completed and summer came all-around, I decided to begin with studying to the September ACTION. Makes sense, right? Really not! After working at Testive for the last month or two, I realize it’s certainly caused by best to require a practice evaluation of both the SAT along with ACT, view which one feels the most relaxed, and then give attention to improving your credit score on in which tes

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